Family we are so pleased to have you back to “dine-in” service on our patio only and we want to maintain the safety of all our staff and patrons so in line with CDC guidelines and the State of Georgia requirements we request the following:

  • Any patron that has a fever or has symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter the premises. This includes the outside dining area.
  • All tables and seats are specifically placed to maximize social distancing requirements so we ask all patrons to avoid moving tables or chairs.
  • Any patron who is waiting for their table is asked to wait in their car. No one is permitted to wait in or near the establishment for safety reasons.  We will loudly call your name once your table is ready and thoroughly sanitized.
  • Menu is available on our website henmothercookhouse.com under the menu tab. Please refer to weekday or weekend menu for the respective day you are dining in.
  • Bathroom is reserved solely for dine in guests. We want to ensure we are able to thoroughly clean and sanitize the bathroom in between patrons so we respectfully ask all guests to allow us the time to do so.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes are available throughout the restaurant so please use abundantly.
  • All condiments, including salt and pepper, are available on an as needed basis so please just ask a member of the Hen Mother staff is you need anything.

We are taking every measure we can to ensure we provide the safest dining experience for all our guests and our staff.  We hope to continue to serve the community for years to come… this too shall pass.

Please note, these requirements are government regulated and we all must abide by them to allow dine in service to continue.  Please be your own advocate.  We are doing everything within our power to maintain a healthy and sanitized space but in the end everyone must do what they feel most comfortable with while still following the above state and federal regulations.