Enjoy Mothers Day the Hen Mother Way!

Happy Mothers Day!!

We are so excited to celebrate all of the lovely mothers and mother figures in our lives!

Business as usual this holiday weekend. No reservations, no call ahead seating, no incomplete parties, NO modifications other than omitting pork or getting one of our vegan/vegetarian options, no split checks and we are asking for you to be mindful about the 60 minute time frame as we will be very busy. Still have curbside service with wait times varying throughout the day (anywhere from 20 min to an hour pick up time), so plan accordingly. However, when we deem necessary, curbside orders may be seized.   

The menu is up on the MENU page “Click here for weekend menu” to maximize your time, we suggest looking at the menu before you are sat and listen to your servers recommendations for a smooth and beautiful experience.

Thank you so much for dining with us and choosing the Hen Mother experience! Enjoy YOUR day mommas!